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48 Pack Beef Burgers

48 Pack Beef Burgers

1/4 pound burger patties
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6 vacuum sealed packages with 8 patties per package

  • 48 quarter pound maple syrup infused burger patties (not keto)
  • Grass Fed & Finished
  • Black Angus
  • No Antibiotics or Hormones
  • Excellent Source of Protein
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

With the warmer weather coming up, you need some delicious burgers in the freezer ready to throw on the grill for a quick meal. On those beautiful spring evenings, there's nothing that hits the spot like a good time at the BBQ producing some mouthwatering burgers.


6 vacuum sealed packages with 8 patties per package

Due to a miscommunication with out processor, these burgers are not keto. They have some wheat crumbs, eggs, etc. added as a binder, as well as spices.