Bulk Beef Deposits Open Now! Click here for more details.
  • Save money with bulk pricing and free shipping
  • Save time with a freezer full of cooking options at your fingertips
  • Save energy and get rid of stress with meat shipped straight to your door
  • Scale your family to the next level of health with 100% grass fed and grass finished beef and lamb, high in the nutrients you need
  • Help us promote regenerative agriculture, using sustainable methods that heal the soil and environment instead of destroying it.

Bulk Lamb Packages

Half Lamb Package - Initial Deposit

18 - 20 lb. - $19.95/lb. + 2 Free Chicken Breasts (value $27.90)


Whole Lamb Package - Initial Deposit

36 - 40 lb. - $18.95/lb. + 4 Free Chicken Breasts (value $55.80)